Pressure Washing

Professional pressure washing services for commercial and residential properties, effectively enhancing the appearance of your property surfaces.

Parking Lot Sweeping

Professional parking lot sweeping services for commercial properties, maintaining clean and debris-free parking surfaces.

Day Porter Services

Our dedicated staff provides maintenance and cleaning tasks during the daytime, ensuring the cleanliness and upkeep of commercial and residential properties throughout the day.

State of the Art

Our equipment features a high-capacity 4000 PSI pump and an 8-gallon-per-minute flow rate. With a dedicated recovery system, we ensure that no toxic water waste is improperly disposed of, prioritizing environmental responsibility.

Confident & Efficient

At Castro Property Solutions, we aim to deliver the highest level of cleaning service, ensuring that our customers’ properties are impeccably maintained. We strive to provide exceptional care and expertise for our valued clients. You can trust us as your reliable partner in property maintenance and enhancement.

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